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With years of excellence in the field of Natural Stone Industry. We are known as the prominent marble and granite suppliers in India as Krishna Granites, our Overseas Venture Ainsgranites with it factory near Hosur town in Tamilnadu. And our main office is in chenganoor and small townin kerala, neibhouring tamllnadu state Ainsgranite has emerged as the leading processor and exporter of natural stones. The company has extensively expanded itself among top architects, interior designers, and distinctive homeowners seeking outstanding natural stone products. We are a quality granite company, with a decade of experience to yield unmatched quality and unique design marbles and granites to mark an extensive. The company operates its granite factory from South India(Hosur, Tamil Nadu), known for its rich reserves for metamorphosed granite. In conformity with its commitment to excellence, the company has installed the most sophisticated and environment-friendly granite processing machinery. If you are looking for the finest collection of natural stone, Ains granites serves as the clear leader for exporting naturally beautiful stone surfaces. With a mindset that , no product shall go out of our factory which is inferior In quality , or customers calling us for flaws, we operate with sole intention of giving the best quary granites with highest quality, we are ably supported by a team in the manufacturing line from granite block selection to final stacking in containers Granite is considered a valuable ornamental and structural stone. Due to its amazing compressive strength and durability, it remains a favourite for different types of structural applications. This natural stone is found in granite quarries and then treated through multiple processes to attain a specific surface finish. One needs to understand that Indian granites are more durable and higher in strength when compared to Chinese granites also the richness of natural colors. Durability strength and 250 plus vivid colors we operate from india, a decade in Indian granites manufacturing and exports Also minor crack free granites are sourced from Indian quarries which is only possible when the granite is extracted defect-free from nature itself, unlike Chinese granite, which is quarried from seismically active zones and also Chinese granite has a water-absorbing and porous nature

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